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Book Review – The Tale Of Makkhilal

Would you have ever thought that an intriguing, thought-provoking tale could be told by using a ‘fly’ as a key character? Katha India’s recent offering “The Tale of Makkhilal” authored by Geeta Dharmarajan is set in the land of Makkhipuri. A fly named Makkhilal was the God for all the inhabitants of this unique land.

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Babloo And His Escapades

Babloo was lost but at the same time he was not lost. How?

Once upon a time, there was a 1500 light years distant planet from Earth named Depwoceus. In that planet, there were about 1600 countries and one of them was Ebarcasluat. That planet was 5 times bigger than the Sun and there lived only robots. In the city Sergyuij, there lived Haurces. Just like on Earth people are from different communities like Hindus and Muslims, in the same way, only on Depwoceus, the robots belonged to either Haurces or Liaoms. Everybody lived together happily. DE268 robot was just made and his parents named him Regeoved. His brother DE244 nicknamed Babloo was very happy.

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BTB Wall of Fame – Featured Author Of The Month

We launched the “BTB Wall of Fame” initiative in June 2020 to celebrate the authors we love and to give our patrons a chance to learn from them and know them better.  It is our honour to share that the next author to enter the BTB Wall of Fame is Manjiri Prabhu. She is our Featured Author of July 2020 and will be LIVE with us on our Facebook page on 28th July 2020.

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Book Review – Days With Thathu

‘Days With Thathu’ is an absolute gem of a picture book. The whimsical story paired with the simplistic writing style and Shel Silverstien reminiscent illustrations creates a beautiful tale exploring the bond between grandparent and child. Perfect for young children, this book is sure to be on the bedtime reading list for a long time to come.

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Author Chat With Piyusha Vir

In our endeavour to bring to you various interesting initiatives, we have recently launched the ‘BTB Wall of Fame’ wherein we feature an author every month who has created a strong impact with words. Our Featured Author for June 2020 was Piyusha Vir and we gave an opportunity to the teens/tweens to interact with her and learn from her journey. 

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Babloo Finds Himself

Like most other days in school, Babloo got bullied again. One would think that in a beautiful classroom of a prestigious school, there would only be friendly children and no bullies. There were lovely, clean desks with no scratches. There were four big display boards that had sheets of paper pasted everywhere. These sheets contained Mathematics problems and drawings and stories written by the students of class 5C. There also were cupboards filled with pencils, compass boxes, books and other stationery. But no one knew what was going on within the walls of this classroom.

That day, three big bullies pushed Babloo into an open cupboard. He was hurt both outside and inside. He did not want to get up. He just sat inside the cupboard with his back towards the bullies. As he sat there rubbing his arm, he saw something glittering hiding on the edges of the notebook boxes. He took it out. It was an hourglass filled with diamond dust glittering with the colours of the rainbow. Babloo started shaking it to see all the glitter sparkle. Almost at once, everything went blurry, the hourglass stopped shaking but Babloo found himself shaking instead. Then, suddenly, everything became still.

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New Contest – The Artist Within Me

Check out our new contest – “The Artist Within Me” ! This is your chance to get published in BTB Chronicles and win prizes.

You can interpret the topic in your own unique way and choose to write a personal narrative, poem or letter. No fictional stories will be accepted for this theme.  The word count of your submission should not exceed 300 words. The contest is open to adults and kids aged 9+ years. Winners will be chosen by an experienced jury and top 5 in both categories will find a place in Edition 4 of BTB Chronicles. To subscribe, you can email us at

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A Letter To Mango

The fruit basket,
My refrigerator,
Shahid Nagar,
Bhubaneswar- 751007

21st June, 2020

Dear Mango,

                     I hope this letter finds you in a “ripe” state of health. I had visited your home earlier, to get a bar of chocolate, and happened to catch a glimpse of you. As always, the sight of you got me salivating, and I started thinking of ways to use (aka eat) you.

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