Write-A-Thon Season 2 Story – Group 3 (Kids)

Vedant was tired to the bone and the heat was only adding fuel to the fire, both literally and figuratively. He stretched out and sighed after a long day of work. He had a sudden urge to finish off the tub of butterscotch ice-cream he had safely tucked deep into the freezer the previous night. When he opened the refrigerator, he was shocked to see his bonnet-donned mother, Lakshita sitting inside the shelves of the refrigerator! On one hand, she was holding her new, shiny, rose gold Samsung mobile and watching a dreadfully dramatic soap opera and on the other hand, she was chopping yam and elephant’s foot. Vedant hated yam and he dreaded eating elephant’s foot. Vedant spluttered, “M… om, www…what are you doing in here?” His mother was too engrossed in her T.V. serial to pay attention to him. He then yelped with horror and saw her put the sticky, chopped vegetables in the half-filled tub of butterscotch ice-cream.

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