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Unconventional Characters that Disney has Made and We Have Forgotten

*Attempts to manifest the reunion of the Disney Fandom by screaming ‘Mowgli’, ‘Stitch’ and ‘Mickey Mouse’*

Did it work?

Right! The Disney fans (or not) who are reading this article because of my manifestation, you are in for a treat today 😉

Disney, the 13th most powerful brand worldwide, is known for its wholesome animated and live-action movies for all ages.

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Book Review – Mayil Will Not Be Quiet

Book Title – Mayil Will Not Be Quiet
Author – Niveditha Subramaniam and Sowmya Rajendran
Illustrator – Niveditha Subramaniam
Published By – Tulika Publishers
Recommended Age Group – 11+ years

About the Book

This is a fictional book about real-life challenges any middle school girl goes through. It’s an amazing book that will make you cry and laugh and teach you all the crucial things one needs to know while growing up.


Have you ever wondered why that weird, quiet man wears a saree you see on a train or a bus? Or why all the great Bollywood actors/actresses are fair and white-skinned? Well! This book is a must-read if you are as curious as Mayil! It talks about everything any girl wants answers to. It’s a beautiful book explaining transgender, skin color, sex, love, and much more. Family drama… school fights! Enjoy how Mayil beats the irksome Jyothi, rejoins forces with Ki, and calmly handles the ‘V.S. Situation’.

About the protagonist

Mayil Ganeshan is a talkative and headstrong girl who is often scolded for talking sense. This book talks about how Mayil overcomes love issues, competition, and being bullied because of her skin complexion. But none of this brings her down. Mayil has the guts to punch bullies, smack in their faces, and show them who the real boss is. 

My Take

I really don’t have anything to say about this beauty. I am just speechless. The way the authors expressed Mayil’s feelings is remarkable. I recommend this book to everyone who experiences drama at home or school. Adults – don’t you dare ignore this book! Not only it might help your kids, but it will also give you lots to introspect and learn from. Quick! Grab this book because you don’t want a library without this lovely book, now, do you?

You can purchase your copy of the book from here.

// This book review has been penned by 11-year-old Prisha Ambi from Pune and has been chosen for publication on our website from the weekly submissions to BTB //

Little Surprises Is Your One-Stop Shop For Stationery And More!

Who doesn’t like stationery that is both useful and extremely pretty?
Little Surprises was our official event sponsor for BTB Wordsmiths of the Year Awards 2022, and we can never stop crushing on their absolutely gorgeous product range.

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Writers, watch your figures! (Of speech)

Well, if you are pondering a little over the title, let me elucidate that for you. I was just having a  little fun playing with the different meanings of the word ‘figure’. By the way, that was a figure  of speech used, a pun, well intended. If this brought a grin on your beautiful face, the purpose  is served. 

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Christmas Adventure – Ride Without The Sleigh

“Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Rudolph and Blitzen FLY DOWN! FLY DOWN!….. WHOOSH”, bellowed Santa as they were in the air. Santa pondered as he was about to deliver the last batch of Christmas Gifts and he dreamt of sipping hot chocolate with Mrs. Claus and other elves in Santa Village soon.

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Christmas Mystery

It all started when Santa Claus was packing his gifts for the kids of the world. He found something weird about his chariot. When he took a closer look, he discovered that one of his reindeers was missing. He knew that his chariot couldn’t fly even if one reindeer was missing. So, he set out to find the missing reindeer.

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The Christmas Conflict

It was the night before Christmas Eve and Santa was busy packing all the gifts. Meanwhile, the Grinch had sent his spies to know what Santa was up to and after his spies returned, they informed him that Santa was packing presents. The Grinch was fuming and wanted to stop Santa. So, after Santa had fallen asleep, the Grinch stealthily crept up to his house to rob all the presents. But he made a loud thud when he fell down from the chimney and Santa woke up startled. He darted outside and saw the Grinch, who challenged him to a fight.

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