The Golden Ticket

Hey! Did you know that I went to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory? How you ask? Well, Willy Wonka kept six golden tickets packed along with his chocolates. I bought one of his chilly crème chocolate and OMG! I got the golden ticket, which is a golden opportunity to visit Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. I was super-duper excited. So, we lucky six children were invited to the chocolate factory. Willy Wonka, I must say, was a tad bit silly and bizarre but no doubt he was a fine chocolatier.

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Christmas Night

It was a typical, lively Christmas eve. Children were preparing to receive gifts from Santa Claus. Milk and Cookies were set. Stockings were hung.

“Em, what gift have you asked for this time?” Sammy asked his sister, Emma. Emma said that it was a secret and grinned. 

They were twins. Kind yet Mischievous. They were well-known for their pranks.

****NEXT DAY****


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Rewriting The Past

In this life of COVID-19, one day I was chilling out in my room, aimlessly switching the television channels and munching on some fries. Out of the blue, at a totally unexpected time when no one usually visits us, the doorbell rang. Perplexed, I walked up to the door and flung it open. My cousins were on the door! I was shell-shocked to see them in front of me and was about to fall. They traveled by their car to surprise us. I was thrilled and so excited.

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