Rewriting The Past

In this life of COVID-19, one day I was chilling out in my room, aimlessly switching the television channels and munching on some fries. Out of the blue, at a totally unexpected time when no one usually visits us, the doorbell rang. Perplexed, I walked up to the door and flung it open. My cousins were on the door! I was shell-shocked to see them in front of me and was about to fall. They traveled by their car to surprise us. I was thrilled and so excited.

However, I was heartbroken when I got to know that they had come only for a week. But, instead of feeling sad, I decided to spend the week completely with my cousins and make the most of the time we had together. That very instant, I took them down and had a lot of fun. I was playing with them after almost 8 months and I was elated. The next day. we watched a movie together and played a board game. Thereafter, the days went by in a jiffy with tons of enjoyment and frolic.

The day which I hadn’t been waiting for had finally arrived. The day when they were supposed to go back home 🙁 I was immensely sad! I didn’t want them to go. When they were getting ready to leave, a brilliant news came as a blessing for me. The highways were going to be closed for the next 11 days and no one was allowed to travel by car during that period. I jumped up so high with a sense of relief and joy, and screamed, “Yipeeeeee!!”. My cousins and I gave each other a hi-5 and could not believe that destiny’s twist had given us an opportunity to create some more wonderful memories together. 

Reality – My cousins went home after a week itself. 

// This piece has been penned by 13-year-old Aditya Goyal as a part of an exercise given to the kids during the regular creative writing classes in which they had to re-write an incident from their past with a different outcome. //


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