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Bearing My Hero: A Memoir of Paddington

Fear gripped me as I clambered onto the stage. Nevertheless, I took tiny steps onto the center of the dais. I was Paddington Bear in the talent show I had signed up for, and I instantly regretted dressing as a bear. But I never anticipated what I thought was embarrassment until after the show when I was appreciated for my performance. You might wonder what led me to present myself as Paddington, especially in front of my friends.

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My Superhero – Father’s Day Special Feature

Every dad is a superhero for their children. No matter where they live or even if they are poor, every dad loves his children dearly. Today, I am going to be sharing about my father who recently faced a horrible situation. One fine day, my dad got a call from his boss asking him to come to the office where they used to work before COVID for some important work. He told his boss that he will be there in an hour. After speaking to his boss, he put his phone down on his bed, and was dashing here and there, completing his chores. Then he packed his bag, gave me a kiss, ran to his car, and drove to his office. Once he was there, his boss was telling him something about taxes. He listened to the matter very carefully and was also looking around his office as he had visited after long.

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