My Superhero – Father’s Day Special Feature

Every dad is a superhero for their children. No matter where they live or even if they are poor, every dad loves his children dearly. Today, I am going to be sharing about my father who recently faced a horrible situation. One fine day, my dad got a call from his boss asking him to come to the office where they used to work before COVID for some important work. He told his boss that he will be there in an hour. After speaking to his boss, he put his phone down on his bed, and was dashing here and there, completing his chores. Then he packed his bag, gave me a kiss, ran to his car, and drove to his office. Once he was there, his boss was telling him something about taxes. He listened to the matter very carefully and was also looking around his office as he had visited after long.

Once he was done talking about taxes with his boss, he noticed some of his colleagues and he went to them for a casual chit-chat. Later, when he was heading towards home, he started coughing and sneezing. When he reached home, he told my mom that he was feeling weak and low. My mom hurriedly called the doctor and told him about my dad. The doctor said that he would come home in ten minutes for a blood test. My mom started worrying about my dad. Soon, the doctor was present at home, and my sister and I were told to be in another room.

When mom got to know the test result, I heard her crying. She came to us wearing a mask and told us that the test was positive. My sister and I burst into tears, and it was a very tough time for us from that day onwards. The next day, we all had to wear a mask at home and were not allowed to go out. This continued for two months and the whole period was an ordeal for the family. Now my dad is almost fine, he has taken the first vaccine and is going to take his second dose after a month or so. I wish no one ever had to suffer from COVID. My dad is a superhero because even though he suffered because of this deadly virus, he got me all the things that I wanted and loved me more than ever before. Never forget a dad is like a god’s gift! 

// This memoir has been penned by 10-year-old Vivann Bajoria as a part of Father’s Day 2021 Special Feature series at Beyond the Box //

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