Dear Dad – Father’s Day Special Poem Feature

Your pain is never conveyed,

But when I am sick 

On my bedside you have stayed.

In scorching heat or freezing cold,

You never hesitate to work

So when you come across

One of my unending demands,

Your head has never shook.

Your worries remain unsaid,

But you are the Guardian

Who fights off mine,

When they eat me away 

With dread.

I know I never appreciated you

Like I should,

But I promise to adore you 

The way you do.

Sorry, for this was late to confess;

But Dad, I promise 

To always be your little princess.

// This poem has been penned by 13-year-old Srishti Chawla as a part of Father’s Day 2021 Special Feature series at Beyond the Box //

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