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World’s Weirdest Sandwich

This poem has been composed by 11-year-old Shaurya Gupta from Hyderabad and was chosen by the Jury as the Runner-Up of ‘Best Poem of the Year’ award at the BTB Wordsmiths of the Year Awards 2023.

Finally, I am conquering the feat
Of making the world’s most beastly sandwich seen
Poisonous if you do eat
Enough to make one’s mouth go scream

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Dearest Mommy – Bound by heART

‘Bound by heART’ is an initiative of BTB in collaboration with SOS Children’s Villages of India to spread joy and love through the medium of art and creativity. The organization has been doing excellent work with children and we feel privileged to be able to do our small bit towards their fantastic endeavour. SOS Children’s Villages of India has been ensuring not just childcare, but also wholesome child development for parentless and vulnerable children since more than five decades, reaching out to currently more than 30,000 children. Come, make a difference.

Be a changemaker. Support here: https://www.soschildrensvillages.in/

As a part of this endeavour, we conducted the Bound by heART Mother’s Day contest which is a beautiful coming together of the visual and literary art forms. Talented kids from SOSCVI give us a vision and the writers at BTB decorate it with their magical words. 

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