World’s Weirdest Sandwich

This poem has been composed by 11-year-old Shaurya Gupta from Hyderabad and was chosen by the Jury as the Runner-Up of ‘Best Poem of the Year’ award at the BTB Wordsmiths of the Year Awards 2023.

Finally, I am conquering the feat
Of making the world’s most beastly sandwich seen
Poisonous if you do eat
Enough to make one’s mouth go scream

I whipped out my fruit bread
In went a slice of chocolate cake
Topped with a bottle of mayo
Dancing along with salsa to its beat

Then came calling Oreo rice
Accompanied with none other
Than carrots and peas
So far, a masterpiece!

Humming along comes a clove of garlic
Lovely, a sandwich so apocalyptic
Add my daily tea and coffee
And slap in a paneer patty

Ah, how could I forget!
The classic cheese and tomatoes
But followed by elaichi and laung
What more could I add, I thought?

Hmm, I think I’m done!
Time to cook this edible gun
Pop it in the panini
After getting in some ghee

No smoke, thank God for that
My taste tester, who is that?
Well, well, I don’t know
Guess I’ll conserve this beauty

Wait! How could I forget the showstopper
My ickle pickled spider legs topper
I get it out as quick as I could
Yippee, now the sandwich’s done!
For shock awaits the one to be served…

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