Character Sketch – Ginger

Book – Black Beauty 

Author – Anna Sewell 

Character – Ginger
         Digital Art by Prisha Ambi

Ginger was a tall, elegant chestnut brown female horse, boasting a thick mane and tail, adorned with a white stripe running down her face, which only accentuated her natural beauty.

Ginger started as a stable mate to Black Beauty when he was sold to live at Birtwick Park. To begin with, she was known for her quick temper and violent greetings to her caretakers, James and John. It was because of her cruel upbringing and the ill-treatment she suffered.

I believe Ginger’s story is quite a sad one. She was a fierce and spirited horse. With Black Beauty as a close friend and John’s ‘Birtwick’s Balls’, she grew to be loving, gentle and quite a productive horse.

She and Black Beauty had their fun adventures at Birtwick Park. But when their mistress fell ill, their master had to move far away, selling all his horses. Soon, Black Beauty and Ginger were sold to another place, where they were treated brutally. Thus, they fell ill. And again, they were sold but, this time, separately.

It continued for a while. While Black Beauty had a series of both kind and cruel owners, Ginger suffered at the hands of only the cruel ones, thus losing her fighting spirit.

Ginger was a courageous and highly spirited horse. She died in the end, which was very unfortunate. The fact to admire about her is that Ginger had the will to live a fruitful life. But because of selfish humans, she was forced to wish she’d rather die than work.

Not only that, but she was a great friend to other horses and a loving companion to Black Beauty. They got very close before she died, and she confided to him that she wanted to die. This fact brings tears to my eyes. Such a lively and fun-loving horse does not deserve such a fate.

Author: Prisha Ambi, 12 years old

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