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August Writing Challenge Winning Entries

Category: Kids

Winner – Anshika Kodukula

The beam of the scorching sun invaded through the window pane awaking me with a startle and very soon I opened my eyes. Eyes were replenished with a glistening glow as it was my spesh-quarantine birthday. Birthday is often special for teenyboppers like me but, of course, not for few of those who are a generation ahead of me because it reminds them of their age. Age is just a number, besides a bunch of golden experiences, blended with sorrows and happiness. Happiness for a boarding schoolgirl like me especially lies in meeting parents after a long time. “Time just flew. EIGHTEEN you’re now, damsel!” my mom uttered telling that I’m no more a nipper but matured. Matured mind is what I need to turn into now from my puerile, a change in my contemplation and behaviour. Behaviour wholly reflects one’s character, which is how people judge others. Others are stronger than you seem, smarter than you think and braver than you believe. Believe in your potential and the world will give you a number of opportunities every single day. Day has come, to celebrate and nurture my childish Einstien’s mind to be a matured one. 

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September Writing Challenge Winning Entries

Category: Kids

Winner – Rajit Singh Gour

They shouted in glee, sighting the Ferrero Rocher box. The prize for digging in the shrubbery for two hours! The children sprinted into the house, proud to show mommy how quickly they solved her puzzle. She commended them, but chuckled inside – the children ended up digging out the weed for her! She hit two birds with one stone. Firstly, the kids got the divine indulgence they were longing for. Secondly, the plot got weeded!

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