Babloo Finds Himself

Like most other days in school, Babloo got bullied again. One would think that in a beautiful classroom of a prestigious school, there would only be friendly children and no bullies. There were lovely, clean desks with no scratches. There were four big display boards that had sheets of paper pasted everywhere. These sheets contained Mathematics problems and drawings and stories written by the students of class 5C. There also were cupboards filled with pencils, compass boxes, books and other stationery. But no one knew what was going on within the walls of this classroom.

That day, three big bullies pushed Babloo into an open cupboard. He was hurt both outside and inside. He did not want to get up. He just sat inside the cupboard with his back towards the bullies. As he sat there rubbing his arm, he saw something glittering hiding on the edges of the notebook boxes. He took it out. It was an hourglass filled with diamond dust glittering with the colours of the rainbow. Babloo started shaking it to see all the glitter sparkle. Almost at once, everything went blurry, the hourglass stopped shaking but Babloo found himself shaking instead. Then, suddenly, everything became still.

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New Contest – The Artist Within Me

Check out our new contest – “The Artist Within Me” ! This is your chance to get published in BTB Chronicles and win prizes.

You can interpret the topic in your own unique way and choose to write a personal narrative, poem or letter. No fictional stories will be accepted for this theme.  The word count of your submission should not exceed 300 words. The contest is open to adults and kids aged 9+ years. Winners will be chosen by an experienced jury and top 5 in both categories will find a place in Edition 4 of BTB Chronicles. To subscribe, you can email us at

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A Letter To Mango

The fruit basket,
My refrigerator,
Shahid Nagar,
Bhubaneswar- 751007

21st June, 2020

Dear Mango,

                     I hope this letter finds you in a “ripe” state of health. I had visited your home earlier, to get a bar of chocolate, and happened to catch a glimpse of you. As always, the sight of you got me salivating, and I started thinking of ways to use (aka eat) you.

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It’s Okay To Not Know Everything

As a mentor, one of the things I ensure I do is be honest with the kids about what I DON’T know. They need to understand that a teacher is not necessarily a know-it-all person. To cite an example, during a vocabulary building game if it so happens that I am unsure of the existence of a certain word, I openly tell them that I need to check. This makes them also feel comfortable about sharing what they don’t know. They don’t feel any embarrassment about not knowing a certain thing.

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Thank you

The first sight when I met Anupama in 2017, I thought she is a blogger and into different activities and I wondered how can she focus on Kids in English Creative Writing. But to my surprise she is awe-inspiring. I started up the classes with the workshop and I thought I will end up with the workshop only but we are continuing with her since then and we will continue till my son is a grown up man. Frankly If I stop the classes my son will see my end. Continue reading Thank you

the theft of the expensive ruby

Point of View of Thief

The world’s most expensive Ruby was housed in a renowned museum in Hyderabad. A notorious thief called Tom was planning to steal it but he couldn’t do so without a foolproof plan. While he was thinking about how the theft can be executed, one of his spies shared the news that the museum would be closed for Christmas. Continue reading the theft of the expensive ruby