The gloomy moon

Sitting under the moonlit sky,
I heard a muffled cry.
The cry seemed to be coming from somewhere high,
So I glanced above and saw the little moon cry.

This made me very sad,
because I couldn’t make the beautiful moon glad.
I tried to soothe the moon by making it happy,
but instead it got very snappy.

When I asked moon the cause of its despair,
it lamented that its life is so unfair.
It wanted to shine as bright as the sun,
and that its gentle gleam was no fun.

It had asked the sun for some of its light,
but the jealous sun had denied the request downright.
”The sun might be the supreme light,” I told the moon,
”But you are the one who takes away all the gloom.”

//This poem has been penned by 11-year-old Aadya Bhatnagar during a session with us on Poetry Writing.//

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