The signal

It was a scary and stormy night. Rohan was driving his car nervously when it suddenly broke down. Unwillingly, he came out to check the problem. He was petrified. The moment he reached the rear side of the car to open the bonnet, a murderous clown appeared out of nowhere. Rohan’s heart was pounding and he was so tightly gripped in fear that he could not move. The clown was slowly advancing towards him and just as he was about to stab him, Rohan woke up to find himself in his bedroom sweating profusely. He was relieved it was a dream but it was so convincing that he could not take it out of his mind for days. Then, one day it really happened…

//This piece was penned by 10-year-old Suryanshu Mukherjee from Hyderabad during the class on writing Micro-Fiction.//

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