the theft of the expensive ruby

Point of View of Thief

The world’s most expensive Ruby was housed in a renowned museum in Hyderabad. A notorious thief called Tom was planning to steal it but he couldn’t do so without a foolproof plan. While he was thinking about how the theft can be executed, one of his spies shared the news that the museum would be closed for Christmas.

They decided to make use of this opportunity to give shape to their plan. When they reached the museum, they didn’t notice the police around. However, when they realised the presence of the policemen, they ran and sat in the car. They were being chased by the police. Tom was at the driver’s seat and the car finally got stuck at a dead end. He was put behind the bars but he was smarter than what the police thought of him. Going to jail was a part of his plan and he could still send messages through a small device which was hidden in his shoe. The next day, the Ruby was found missing. The police and also some detectives tried to find any sort of evidence but failed. After a week, Tom found out that the police had captured his friend – the one he had sold the Ruby to.

Point of View of Police

The world’s most expensive Ruby was housed in a renowned museum in Hyderabad. The police decided to send some extra security to the museum as it was supposed to be closed for Christmas. They had inside information from their informers that some notorious thieves might try to steal the Ruby from the museum. While the policemen were on guard, they spotted thieves trying to enter the premises sleathily. They got into the police van to nab the thieves. Finally, after a long chase, they could capture one of the thieves in a corner while the other escaped. The police discovered that the thief’s name was Tom and put him behind the bars. Tom went to jail but he didn’t have the Ruby with him. The policemen were befuddled and couldn’t find any evidence to solve the case of the missing Ruby. After a week of thorough investigation, another thief was arrested with the Ruby. He was put in jail and it was discovered that Tom was in contact with him from jail. Tom had to surrender the device and the world’s most expensive Ruby was finally returned to the museum.

// This piece has been penned by 9-year-old Jaskeerat during the class on understanding point of views in story writing.//

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