A Letter To Mango

The fruit basket,
My refrigerator,
Shahid Nagar,
Bhubaneswar- 751007

21st June, 2020

Dear Mango,

                     I hope this letter finds you in a “ripe” state of health. I had visited your home earlier, to get a bar of chocolate, and happened to catch a glimpse of you. As always, the sight of you got me salivating, and I started thinking of ways to use (aka eat) you.

                   I saw you sitting gracefully among your brethren, and, to be honest, you looked pretty content with life. So, I was wondering if you could do me a favour. Could you please, please ask your other friends and cousins to be ripe, succulent and tasty with beautiful shades on their skins? I plan on surprising my mom and dad tomorrow with mango shake, and some ripe mangoes would certainly benefit the plan.

                     Please do consider my request, and I promise to add some extra sugar to you, to make your entire family more adored. Say hello to your friends from me!

Yours lovingly,


// This piece has been penned by 13-year-old Trisha during  our letter writing workshop – I’ve got a letter! //

4 thoughts on “A Letter To Mango”

  1. This is so sweet ! I smiled through the entire read. Very simple and yet it touches the reader straight in the heart . Well done, girl

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