It’s Okay To Not Know Everything

As a mentor, one of the things I ensure I do is be honest with the kids about what I DON’T know. They need to understand that a teacher is not necessarily a know-it-all person. To cite an example, during a vocabulary building game if it so happens that I am unsure of the existence of a certain word, I openly tell them that I need to check. This makes them also feel comfortable about sharing what they don’t know. They don’t feel any embarrassment about not knowing a certain thing.

At Beyond the Box, ‘not knowing’ is normal. Children understand very well that learning is a continuous process. Teaching/mentoring is a skill. The expertise is about imparting knowledge effectively and bringing out the best in students. To me, it is a mutual give and take of enrichment and a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow together.

Making this post after reading on Quora about a few teachers feeling the pressure of being expected to know everything. Some think admitting they don’t know something can lead to loss of respect for their position.

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