A Trendsetter: Modern Juliet

I was sure my face
looked greener than green.

He looked down upon me,
I was sure he thought,

“Thou look like a rat catcher.”
God, why did I tend to embarrass myself?

The bus shuddered to
a halt and everything
I was holding back,

shot out all over him.

I ran out of the bus, hoping
to be on time for
the audition. Before
entering, I took a deep breath…

I aced it! Practices would start
from the coming week. Yes!

Soon, when I was hosting a
large party for my success,
I saw this lad from the bus
and he was staring at me,
dumbfounded, I mean,
I was all dressed up nice now.

The next day at school, as I walked out
for recess, there he stood with flowers,
a flirty smile plastered on his face.
“My winged messenger from heaven!”

 We ended up being a couple by the
end of the blissful month.
Never had I felt this sensation
of stomach flips, or the weird blushes.

Romeo once asked me,
“Does thee love me with all thou heart?”
“I gave thee my heart before
thou even dared to request it.”

The show neared and
I started to skip all
of Romeo’s parties,
not wasting a second.

Suddenly, life twisted just
a week before the play. Romeo
ditched me, completely surrendered
to some prettier girl he picked up.

God, he never recognised me,
the girl from the bus! Just
some cute chick at an
obnoxious party.


NO… NO! I can’t take the risk of
crying at this moment! He
purposely left me because
a girlfriend who didn’t
always ‘hang out’ with him,
is of no use.

Goodbye, sweet Romeo. Your
dump isn’t even making a dent in me!
Acting Uni! Here I Come!
Better make room for this rockstar, Juliet!

Author: Prisha Ambi, 11 years old from Pune 

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