Maggi is an Emotion

I wake up,

look at the clock;

2 o’clock it reads,


My stomach lurches,

I crave a midnight feast;

Go to the kitchen to look for food,

There must be something, at least!

I open the cabinet,

And in a corner I spot a yellow packet;

“Maggi massala” it reads,

With a free offer in a bracket.

Without a second thought,

I put the water on boil,

Chop the onions the way I like,

And fry them in oil.

In go the noodles,

The masala and onions,

And oh! The deliciousness,

I can feel it in my bones.

The water finally reduces,

And my cravings I put on a plate,

Like a match made in heaven,

My tongue and the Maggi affiliate.

In a matter of minutes,

I wipe the plate clean,

And my starved eyes,

Regain their sheen.

I snuggle back in bed,

To dream of lakes and oceans,

With one thing resonating in my head,

Noodles are a feeling, Maggi is an emotion.

// This poem has been penned by 13-year-old Trisha Rath as a part of the task given by our Featured Author of June 2020, Piyusha Vir, during the Author Chat session with us //

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