The Artist Within Me

Animals controlling farms,

Lions going to the barber;

The artist within me can make me laugh,

And take me to places even farther.

Mice dancing with cheese,

A dog and cat playing harp;

A fish that lives on land,

I call it magic carp.

The bunnies that live on the moon.

 Twenty planets instead of eight;

The mermaids in the pirate lagoon,

The best friends chalk and slate.

An evil snow-white.

The fight between glue and tape;

A candy full dynamite,

The one piece of chocolate.

Come one, come all,

Open the locked gate;

Start with once upon a time, end with lived happily ever after,

It’s never too late.

Sail on your ship,

Through the storms and obstacles;

Use the artist within you.

With your imagination, create miracles.

// This poem has been penned by 12-year-old Zain Haseeb for “The Artist Within Me” contest for which she received a Jury Special Mention. // 

3 thoughts on “The Artist Within Me”

  1. Very nice.The way she has connected her imagination into words is laudable.Thanks to Anupama for coming up with these types of competitions.

  2. This is really, really nice. I loved the last five lines…tied the poem together seamlessly. Beautiful.
    Completely deserved the special mention. Keep ’em coming!!

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