Book Review – The Mystery Of The Missing Soap

‘The Mystery Of The Missing Soap’ is a fun book with an interesting, unique and important premise. An evil figure, Asura Tobakachi, wants to rule the whole of India. He sends his army, ‘The Coronavirus Army’, to attack the happy village of Dakshinpur. In order to win, they make all the soaps disappear so that the virus can attack freely. But the villagers cleverly make their own soap and defeat the virus. They wash their hands frequently and the frightened army runs far away.

The first thing that caught my fancy in this book were the creative and lively illustrations. They are very detailed and make the story more enjoyable by making the words come alive in them. I also love the fact that the story explains the concept of washing hands in such a relatable manner. The author has given pretty creative and innovative names to the characters and it made me realize that there is a lot in a name.  The book balances fiction with informative and supporting facts and ‘Do’s and Don’ts’. The theme is completely relevant to today’s times and is a simple reminder of how we can fight Corona virus, what precautions we can take and how we can make our very own soap. I think there can be no better way to educate kids on this subject. This book will do it for you in the best possible way!

You can download the e-book for free from here.

// This book review has been penned by our 11-year-old student Shreyas Saboo as a part of our association with Katha India. Do check out the brilliant collection of Katha Books here. //

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