Children’s Poetry Open Mic On Mental Health

There is already taboo around mental health and when it comes to children, the struggles get accentuated. So many kids and teens have got impacted post the pandemic, and we need to support them as they deal with a range of emotional upheavals. The first step, we believe, is to give them a platform to come forth and bare their souls. They need this safe space to express and hence, we were more than glad to collaborate with WICCI National Mental Health Council for a one-of-its-kind open mic for children held on 18th September 2021. This beautiful and important endeavour led to 20+ kids stepping forward and vowing us with their profound and deep thoughts. Some made us smile, some made us cry and some made us ponder.

Below are the links to the individual poems:

Live by Shaurya Gupta

You Are Fine by Shaurya Gupta

From Learning To Creativity by Mehaan Jain

Try-ology by Varun Saral

The Year Went By by Sehar Kaur

Emotions by Sahithi Maduri

Life Traveller by Sahithi Maduri

Lockdown! by Sahithi Maduri

My Wonder Days by Anvi Saini

Scarred For Life by Atharv Sharma

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body by Pritika Bhatt

You Are Unique, Not Different by Sunandini Sen

Enough Of Online Classes by K. Shrija

Am I Good Enough? by Nivedha C

A Helping Hand by Nivedha C

Mind With Ease Is Heart At Peace by Prema Vasam

I Am All Of Them by Vihaan Samreth

I Want To Go Back To School by Naurish Nizam

We Will Make It Through by Trisha Rath

The Reality Of Life by Trying Riddhima

Emotions by Hirenya A

Empathy by Hirenya A

Stress by Hirenya A

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