Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

The most precious wealth

Is your health!

A healthy you is a better you

Or suffer all illness and flu

So many options to be fit

Come on, move your muscles for a bit

Endorphins released by our brain

Make us feel positive and brings a change

Spend some time in focused thoughts

Create and maintain human bonds

Yoga and exercise you got to do

Else your joints will be stiff as glue

Healthy foods you got to eat 

Just like salads or nuts and meat

Also have a Mediterranean diet

It helps increase your weight and height

Running and jogging are the best

If you run daily you need not do the rest

Sleep plays an important role

To stay mentally active and reach the goal

Explore new ideas to work upon

Create and maintain a close human bond

Be socially involved by meeting friends

Don’t forget that to complete there are errands


One more thing can you guess

It’s the opposite of a big mess

Right, it’s keeping your room and yourself clean

For keeping your mind healthy you practise hygiene

It is so easy to be fit as a flea

Along with being full of glee

Good mental health helps you enjoy life

Offers a feeling of well-being and stay hi-fi

Stay healthy stay safe! 

// This poem has been penned by 12-year-old Pritika Bhatt and has been chosen for publishing on our platform from the submissions received on the occasion of World Health Day 2021 //

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