My Decadent Night Rendezvous! – Poem by Daisy Bala

There’s an uneasiness engulfing me, since last few days

The warm blanket and your coquetry 

keep me engaged in cold February nights

I stay awake in the swarming, slithering moonlight 

Burning in decadent desires of lust and love interchangeably 

I melt between the sheets shedding my inhibitions

You love incessantly drowning me, I try to control the spill

Intertwined our night rendezvous, continues in whimsical melodies

The yellow crescent moon miffed at our proximities 

Calls us names, stars watch in horrid disbelief 

We don’t budge, we don’t hesitate 

Your musk leering at the nape of my neck

Your unsaid emotions lingering in my redolent breath 

The cold night sweating in unrequited insatiable cravings 

My pinning racing to the pinnacle with each dawdling hour

Windy night rustling too many hankerings in us

The starry embellishments dust me glittery, 

I simmer like lustful gardenias, in the creases of the satin

Your clandestine love, enticing the night of allure 

The midnight affair continues till wee hours in the morning 

I stay there ablaze like a descriptive poetry 

Under the blanket of your love and coquetry 

Soon enough…. The morning refulgence breaks a hole

Spreading golden sunshine like a broken egg in the languid pink skies

The blossoms of hydrangeas and foliages of verdure greens

Spread voraciously, indulgently, like your desires

I dress up in sweet magnolias to meet you in the lilac daylight 

You shine from a distance in mauve shades of pristine love 

My eyes dazzle in your quintessence 

You talk with soft eyes, in mellowed articulation

I try to binge watch you in action, 

I seal the pleasurable moments, store my romantic escapades 

To be splurged in the aloofness of night, preening in ecstasy

I daze in my thoughts, spending few moments, wasting a few

The twilight sky soon revamps in haute couture

Shedding off her golden skirt and dawning the night scarf of indulgence

The dark evocative visage bleeds with inky nighty fetish

It’s again the noon of the creamy night 

I again burn bright in the warm moonlit effulgence and your thoughts

There’s an uneasiness engulfing me since last few days!!

// This poem has been penned by Daisy Bala who was declared the Winner of the first poetry slam event (A Rhythmic Affair) conducted by Beyond the Box for adults. //

One thought on “My Decadent Night Rendezvous! – Poem by Daisy Bala”

  1. The colours, the shades, the flowers, the sensuousness, are all so Keatsian! You take us all to a totally different world!
    Congratulations Daisy Bala!

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