My Wonder Days by Anvi Saini

I always want to think and stay positive,

But my heart was totally depressive.

The news of pandemic,

Was really horrific.

My mind shattered with the various clouds of feeling, 

And I wasn’t sure if there was a way of healing. 

I had many plans, but they were in vain;

And it gave me a lot of pain.

It was aching in initial days, when we needed to stay away from my loved ones;

My mind was revolving around so many suns.

I was wondering, how can I live like this?

And my school I miss.

When will this phase go ? 

When will I see happiness snow?

It was difficult for me to comprehend,

That this Corona situation has no end.

Everywhere there was darkness, 

And I was completely hopeless. 

But there is always someone who shows us the right way.

And I knew the cure will be here someday.

I realised there was something I needed to do,

But I had no clue.

While I was struggling in that period of time,

My parents told me it will all be fine.

They told me to stop thinking these kind of things,

And they sent me to swings.

There I saw the beauty of nature,

And felt life is full of adventure.

This was the point when I got freshened up,

And I got a pup.

Now my life was changed,

And my routine got rearranged.

I felt different kind of emotions,

And there was no edge to this ocean.

Things were easy now and my exams came,

And in the class a star I became.

I felt better and was happy most of the time,

To share my thoughts I started to write a rhyme.

// This poem has been penned by 9-year-old Anvi Saini and was recited by her at the Children’s Poetry Open Mic on Mental Health organized by WICCI National Mental Health Council in association with Beyond the Box on 18th September 2021 //

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