We Will Make It Through by Trisha Rath


If you are here. 

If you are hurting

And if you have given me your time. 


By the time I was 11,

I had seen 2 suicides. 

Today, there are 2 people-shaped voids

In me 

That just sink deeper

When I try to fill them. 

The pain 

Is a constant pin

Pricking the soft skin of my heart. 

I forget it for a minute

And the next, 

It is back for me, 

An assassin with a vengeance.


Across the world, 

There is some girl who cries herself to sleep

Because to her 

the world is simply a vessel

Of insensitivity. 

A boy

Who lives near  me 

Doesn’t know when he wakes up

And when he sleeps

Because every day 

Is a purposeless blur. 

Between my street 

And the other other side of the world, 

There are 


Yes, millions-

of other boys and girls 

Who think they do not matter.

Who do not know 

Their purpose. 

Who are not told they are loved. 

Who turn to harming themselves

In order to let out their pain. 

Who take their lives

Because they are not happy. 

Who take their lives

Because things aren’t working out. 

I want to tell them, 


That this life is broken, yes, 

But we

Can stitch it back together. 


Am one person, yes, 

And my hands are small

And there is only so much hurt 

I can try to heal. 

But we-

You and I-

Are two 

And we- 


Have bigger hands. 

We, are hurting, yes

But we can heal together. 


I know 

You think 

There is no reason. 

And no purpose

And no place 

For you

On this orb of blue and green. 

But if not anything else, 


That you take up space. 


That you 

Are here. 




That if not for anyone else, 

The air 

That tickles your lungs 

Will miss you

If you’re gone. 

am 14, and I know that we as a society are doing something wrong. We are not talking, maybe. Or we are not talking enough. Or we are not listening enough. 

We need 

To change things. 

We need to tell people they matter. 

We need to love harder. 

We need to set an example

For the generation that comes after us

Because our blunders 

Will become their burdens. 

We need to leave love

As our legacy, yes, 

But we also need to teach them


So that just as we have learned 

From History

And Scripture

And Mythology, 

They will learn too. 

If you

Are hurting

And if you 

Are here, 

I see you. 

I hear you. 

I feel you. 

I am here for you. 

Even if 

You think I will not understand 

And even if you are halfway across the world, 

Am here. 


I know it’s hard. 

Trust me, I do. 


By the time I was 11

I had seen 2 people-

2 children-

Take their own lives. 

And today, 

I swear to God, 


All I want

Is one more word with them. 

So if not for anything else

And if not for anyone else


That there are words

That you are yet to hear

And there are thank you’s 

You are yet to say

And there are people 

You are yet to love. 

And I am sorry

Life has been hard

But if not anything else, 


Is worth living for. 

There is happiness

Over the horizon



And I promise

I promise


Is worth living for. 

Reach out. 






We have made it through 

So much. 

We will make it through 

Once again. 

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