Empathy by Hirenya A

When you feel the same when, 

You see anyone feels bad or in sorrow. 

You get the feeling to do something, 

In your actions or words, 

You will let the person’s sorrow go. 

You tend to help everyone, 

They may not be able to come out of the problem. 

Stay as Empathetic person, 

If there is rejection or acceptance of anything in your life. 

Stay Empathetic when there’s something wrongly happen, 

to anyone in your family or society. 

Don’t forget to show Moral Support, 

To your self, family and the society. 

Try to be more Empathetic rather more sympathetic, 

You will end up losing everything even your Joy, 

Just thinking about you should have been more Empathetic in that situation. 

// This poem has been penned by 15-year-old Hirenya A and was recited by her at the Children’s Poetry Open Mic on Mental Health organized by WICCI National Mental Health Council in association with Beyond the Box on 18th September 2021 //

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