I Am All Of Them by Vihaan Samreth

I feel happy 

I feel sad 

I feel angry and also sometimes, even mad. 

I feel hurt, but when someone lends me an ear I feel heard. 

When I see a bird fly high in the sky, I feel excited and shout with joy, hey little birdie, bye bye! 

When I am in the dark I feel fearful and then as the sun shines again, I am all cheerful.

When sometimes I fail at tasks I cry but then, I remind myself don’t stop! Try try !

When I lost my pet I was all in grief but I rose again in belief, the belief in God and the belief in me.

 I know that sometimes things are going to be Okay and sometimes not so Okay but that’s Okay !

 These are my feelings: red, green and blue.

 I am not just one of them. 

I am all of them and they all are true.

// This poem has been penned by 10-year-old Vihaan Samreth and was recited by him at the Children’s Poetry Open Mic on Mental Health organized by WICCI National Mental Health Council in association with Beyond the Box on 18th September 2021 //

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