Hong Kong – The Filling Inside My Dumplings

Sitting on a minibus 

My heart thumping in my chest 

The driver leaking 

Chrysanthemum tea 

The blinding symphony of lights 

Reflecting behind me 

Har Gow in a shop window 

Catches my eye 

I trance into the store 

The buildings crumbling behind me 

As I glance at the shopkeeper 

Who’s face reflects the joy of my past 

Come over here 

My dear friend,

I look at her eyes and see similar feelings,

Thoughts about the trains,

Travelling side to side,

Sitting in an MTR,

Holding onto the rail.

Ha Luo  says a little girl,

My eyes rise up in surprise;

My tongue slowly twisting trying to say the simplest thing in Cantonese,

Confusion gulping down my response.

As I gaze in wonder,

And the variety of plants;

Choices swimming in my head, 

Can’t think which plant to pick.

Population growing tremendously,

But Nature wants this match;

Delicate flowers and lush leaves,

Development pause, and let them pass.

Calm waters, waves crash,

Boats sailing away,

The waft of frappuccinos from the nearby Starbucks,

And the spice of hotpot watering my eyes. 

The vibrant red,

With a small white flower,

United together,

People join a range of hands.

I awaken from a vivid dream,

The shopkeeper shaking me to my senses,

Get up, get up! she says to me.

Waving goodbye,

 Saying “ Zaijian!”

I take a glance around me,

 While Thinking of my daydream,

And say with pride to our country –  

“ Xie Xie Hong Kong!”

// This poem has been penned by 11-year-old Shreya Ram and has been chosen for publication on our platform from the weekly submissions //

11 thoughts on “Hong Kong – The Filling Inside My Dumplings”

  1. Excellent She is my Grand Daughter. I am really blessed by God to get a wise children. I am immensely pleased by her great work. My Blessings to my grand child and my Son and Daughter-in-law law I wish her all success in her life. ❤️❤️

  2. Lovely expression of her observations of her life in Hong-Kong. Love her attention to details that help the reader get a feeling of subtle essence of being in the place through her words that create a wonderful visual story! Really enjoyed reading it! So proud!

  3. Very beautifully described HK and loved the words you have chosen in your poem. Very proud of you! Looking forward to more of these!

  4. Xecellent my dear child Shreya. We r proud of you. Our best wishes to you and your loving parents.
    Keep the trending ALIVE.
    God bless you and your loving parents.
    All the best.
    Thatha and Nanimaa

  5. I know shreya as a little girl . Can’t believe that how grown up she is now that she is able to articulate it so beautifully. I really enjoyed reading it and could feel her emotions very clearly . All the best Shreya keep writing your journey and give your perspective to things.

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