A Writing Journey

I joined a writing workshop,

     Where I learnt to join my dots;

And picked the art of writing,

      To give wings to my thoughts.

I’ve been writing stories and poems,

       And dreaming through my plots;

My imagination runs wild,

       Ideas, I have lots!

 But, to sew them all together,

      To make them a full story;

I had to learn from someone,

     Who liked writing and the library. 

Along came a teacher,

      She took my hand and said,

“Come along with me”,

      And we danced and played!

As the words wandered,

     And syllables seemed to sway;

Homophones said, “Hop on”,

     While limericks led the way!

The journey’s been splendid

      Superb was our guide;

Amazing was the maze,

      We zigzagged in our ride.

I made many a friend,

     As creative as I am;

We spun and wove together,

     And had quite a jam!

Thank you so much, Varsha

    For being our guiding beam,

For helping us paint in words,

     What we think and dream.

// This ode has been penned by 10-year-old Sunandini Sen and has been selected for publishing on our platform from the weekly submissions //

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