The Evil Bracelet

‘Ting-tong!’, rang the bell of Brianna’s house. Brianna Steve was a 14-year-old teenager who lived with her 8-year-old sister Wendy. The sisters never got along! All they ever did was try to get each other into trouble.

‘I’m home!’, said Brianna as she kept aside her shopping bags to close the door. She was embracing her new stuff when she found a strange ancient-looking envelope in the bag. There was a note inside it which read – ‘Congratulations! You are the owner of the magical bracelet. This bracelet is so pretty that you can’t take your hands off it. Wish for anything and clap your hands 3 times, and enjoy your day with your gift.’

‘Hmm…Magical bracelet? You’re kidding me!’, she thought to herself.  She wasn’t into magic or illusions but the bracelet looked so legendary! She thought it was worth a try and she knew exactly what to wish for. Of course, she would prank her sister Wendy! At first, she wished for Wendy’s homework to disappear into nowhere. This actually happened and Wendy got into great trouble at school the next day, although she kept thinking that this was surely the work of Brianna. After that, Brianna wished for Wendy’s room to disappear too! Poor Wendy had to spend the whole night sleeping on the couch, and Brianna knew that Wendy was scared to nap outside because of her fear that a burglar or kidnapper would take her away. Brianna was enjoying all this.  

Bugs appearing in Wendy’s snacks, her shoes becoming tight suddenly, her room getting covered with foil paper and much more happened over the course of the next few days. Wendy had seriously started to suspect Brianna for all the weird happenings. Wendy searched her room when Brianna wasn’t around.

Oh No! She found that envelope about the bracelet! After she read it, she was furious. She decided to never talk to Brianna again. On Brianna’s birthday, she didn’t bring any gifts for her and also refused to attend the party. Brianna felt hurt and realized this was not really fun. 

“I finally know that this isn’t a magical bracelet, it’s an evil one! I bet it has reached thousands of homes before me. It just tricks you into doing something wrong to your loved ones.”, Brianna said with remorse looking at the bracelet. She threw it out of the window and decided not to fall for it anymore. She apologized to Wendy and the two got back together again. The bracelet, somehow, brought the sisters together with a bond stronger than ever before, but it is still known to be ‘the evil bracelet’. 

// This story has been penned by 11-year-old Jhanvi Angira from Jaipur and has been selected for publishing on our platform from the weekly submissions //

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  1. This is such a brilliant story…Kudos to the 12 year old for penning every bit of it with all her heart …Much love ❤️

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