Write-A-Thon Story – Group 1 (Adults)

Vaani was fumbling to reach out to her buzzing mobile on the bedside table, while her little one was clinging to her left hand in deep slumber. “How have you been?”, a familiar grave hoarse voice blurted out immediately, breaking the dark midnight silence. Vaani couldn’t utter a single word in response as sudden overwhelming inexpressible emotions numbed her completely. After what seemed like a decade-long minute, she regained her composure with a deep breath. She had already recognized the voice by that time. It was Raman, her husband, who had been missing for the last five years. Her eyes instinctively darted to the calendar on her desk; the date took her by yet another surprise. Meanwhile, Raman kept on calling her name on the other end, asking if she could hear him.

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