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Beyond The Box Raises Funds For Kids From Future Foundation Orphanage

HYRT 304 along with HYLC 167 hosted a joint fundraiser – “The Bubble Show”. This absolutely fabulous event was hosted by Maxwell, the International Bubbleologist from UK. With fluid hand gestures, Maxwell formed kaleidoscopic orbs and psychedelic waves and kept us enthralled throughout.
Beyond the Box is happy and fortunate to have associated with this fund-raiser as an Associate Sponsor. BTB kids together raised 9k to ensure 30 kids from Future Foundation Orphanage could get to experience this one of its kind show.

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Interview with Padma Shri Geeta Dharmarajan

This month we got a golden opportunity to have a conversation with a very special person. We are sure that reading this interview will evoke many awe-inspiring emotions in you. You would feel as if you are sitting in a storytelling session which is deep, enriching and profound. The special guest is none other than Padma Shri Geeta Dharmarajan. She is a writer, editor, educator and the Founder and President of Katha, a nonprofit organisation that she founded in 1988. In spite of being a go-getter and someone through whose journey we can learn so much, the enthusiasm in her voice is so childlike and infectious that you can’t remain un-enamoured.

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Author Chat With Piyusha Vir

In our endeavour to bring to you various interesting initiatives, we have recently launched the ‘BTB Wall of Fame’ wherein we feature an author every month who has created a strong impact with words. Our Featured Author for June 2020 was Piyusha Vir and we gave an opportunity to the teens/tweens to interact with her and learn from her journey. 

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New Contest – The Artist Within Me

Check out our new contest – “The Artist Within Me” ! This is your chance to get published in BTB Chronicles and win prizes.

You can interpret the topic in your own unique way and choose to write a personal narrative, poem or letter. No fictional stories will be accepted for this theme.  The word count of your submission should not exceed 300 words. The contest is open to adults and kids aged 9+ years. Winners will be chosen by an experienced jury and top 5 in both categories will find a place in Edition 4 of BTB Chronicles. To subscribe, you can email us at

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A Letter To Mango

The fruit basket,
My refrigerator,
Shahid Nagar,
Bhubaneswar- 751007

21st June, 2020

Dear Mango,

                     I hope this letter finds you in a “ripe” state of health. I had visited your home earlier, to get a bar of chocolate, and happened to catch a glimpse of you. As always, the sight of you got me salivating, and I started thinking of ways to use (aka eat) you.

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