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Beyond the Box in collaboration with Tell Tales – Where stories come to life conducted a one-of-its-kind Mother’s Day Special “Write & tell” contest on the theme #LetterToMaa. The participants vowed us with their heart-touching letters and soulful narrations. The top 10 winning entries have been published in this post. Get ready to ride high on emotions because the word “Maa” does that to all of us.


Amruta Wadekar

Dear Maa,

Keep me safe, keep me warm,
As I’ve begun to form;
I now have glinting eyes, a tiny nose,
And two funny kicking toes.

I’m looking forward to the long walks, pillow fights,
Ice cream, dolls, and toys;
I now hear you say,
that you love me more each day.

But something is wrong today,
Where are they taking you so far away?
Why are you lying on four wheels?
I must tell you how funny it feels.

Where are we Maa, why everyone is in green?
If they hurt you, please scream.
Everything seems strange, don’t leave me alone;
I’m scared, take me home.

Now, they are pulling me apart,
My legs, arms, cutting through my heart;
Goodbye Maa, I love you!
Maybe, next time I’ll be born as a boy,
And they will love me too. 

Avni Katakkar

Dear Maa,

They say you are gorgeous, they cherish your enticing presence.
They still mock me asking how come your beautiful mother gave birth to an ugly duckling ?
To be honest maa, that is of little consequence to me.
But, what marred me was your incomprehension.
Your disregard smashed my credence.

Dear Maa,

I was there just beside you, when you were telling your friends how you wished your daughter looked pretty as you!
How you wished those fair and lovely creams worked on me!
Alas! You felt embarrassed to haul out with me.

Dear Maa,

I don’t wish to look enchanting for the world but, I yearn to see the beautiful me in your eyes, my world.

Mrinalinee Patro

Dearest Ma,

I’ve wanted to tell this to you since long. And that’s SORRY.

Sorry for being the reason for the many sleepless nights

And for putting you in a spot during our sibling fights.

Sorry for the moments when unknowingly I broke your heart

For deviating from some of the principles you wanted to impart.

Sorry for those umpteen times my room was in a mess

And for sometimes distrusting your foresightedness.

Sorry for the times I’ve been rude and unclear

And for me on the pillow you would’ve shed a tear.

Sorry for undermining how difficult for you is copy-paste

And superficially redirecting you handle it in a haste.

Sorry that I forget that you are old and weak now

You happily helped me in the household chores, and I did allow.

Forgive me Ma! Will you?


Kiran Sethi

My Dearest Ma

Apart from a couple of your sarees that I hold on to for dear life and a sepia-coloured photograph in which you look like a yesteryear film heroine, I have nothing tangible to remember you by. 

You invade my memory in the intangibles Ma! Your love, compassion, ever-forgiving nature, your generosity, kindness and perseverance are etched in my memory forever. Whatever I am today – my ability to deal with situations and relationships with love and respect are qualities I imbibed watching you live a selfless life – giving endlessly and expecting little in return. 

Nothing can bring you back but by emulating your qualities I hope to make a part of you live in me forever. I miss you Ma. In the after-life will you please teach me how to make the perfect Mutter Paneer? 



Namaskar Aai,

Thank you for bringing me into this world to experience a beautiful sunrise daily. 

We’ve together sailed this life, happy or sad moments, difficult or easy situations 

We tried, we cried, we took it all in our stride. 

I’m thankful for your upbringing, teachings, and learnings. 

They’re my life’s best earnings. 

When you feel proud of my parathas & cakes, it’s best award I can ever get. 

I still can’t match your taste but smiling eyes say, it’s not a waste.

You’re my ideal who made me the person I’m today 

its the result of all efforts you’ve invested in me every day. 

You packed the boxes named Experiences, memories, opportunities, and surprises and took the decision to move ahead all alone. 

I respect you from core of my heart, Wishing SunSeaSandSky to balance your life always.

Love yours

Priya Nayak-Gole

Dear Maa

You have been the strong hand that rocked my cradle and still rule my world… Thank God! Yesterday I heard the news of a young girl in my neighborhood being abused by her uncle while her parents remained clueless.

I remembered how you had instilled the strong values of being an individual first and respecting yourself irrespective of gend right from my childhood. I can’t forget the day you told my five-year-old tender heart that fairy tales don’t always have happy endings but there is a metaphorical big bad wolf lurking in the corner somewhere waiting to pounce on its weak target. You ingrained the importance of a strong mind and to confidently speak out against injustice. 

Yesterday evening in the local police station with that girl, I felt you walk right alongside. 

Thank you Maa



Sonal Sharma

Dear Maa,

Remember the time, when dad’s business incurred heavy losses, and brother made it to NDA? We were literally in hand to mouth situation. I was in my first year of college. I started teaching and taking tuitions to support our family. Seeing me work at such a young age, literally made you upset. But together, we sailed through. 

You remember Maa, how we used to wait for my salary so that we could go shopping? And the rest of the money was saved for bills and brother’s study. “You would have been a big officer today, had those adversities not struck us”, you would always say. But let me tell you Maa, I’m happy with what I’m doing today. 

I earned, but you took care of me, my diet, my head massage and even my clothes. The lessons I learned from you during those hardships have made me what I am today. Every day is mother’s day because of a mom like you. 

Love you Maa!



Deepa Jandial

Dear Maa, 

Words wouldn’t be enough to express my love for you.

Whatever I’m today, I owe it all to you.

In my journey from a little-girl to a mother-of-two.

In everything that I do, there’s a part of you.

You held my hand whenever I faltered.

Remained calm even when I behaved unreasonably angered.

You ingrained within me the values right.

Cheered for me in my days not-so-bright.

From you, I acquired humility, integrity, compassion.

You taught me to fearlessly voice out my opinion.

You encouraged me, empowered me.

Guided me towards a path of contentment-and-glee.

Pardon me for the times, I unknowingly hurt you.

Your sacrifices and limitations, I understood only once I grew.

Your charm-your aura, is simply peerless.

May God bless you with good health and infinite happiness.

Love you, Maa!

Special Mentions

Vishwanathan Iyer

Today, as I look back, the only word which comes to my mind for you and Appa is ‘Gratitude’. At this stage of life, I understand I’m unable to spare time for you, still you manage a smile always. In the first half of our lives, we had a lot of time for each other when you built a strong foundation. You were a strict disciplinarian, but now it helps me behave correctly even in this tough phase of life. Even today, there are many things you want to tell but I seldom get time to listen. Deep within, I know I’m wrong and you are right. This letter gives me an opportunity to express to you that all your teachings are still working fine. I may err many times but stand with chin up and tread on the correct path.

Ratna Manocha


Words actually fail me mom when I want to write to you. You know why? 

It’s simple, because even before I utter what I wish to, you know it, you know it all. 

You are that one soul who has the divine power to read my mind, to know what I want to say, want to eat, want to do and the list is endless. 

I always have someone to prepare my favorite kheer, someone to apply balm when I am in pain, someone to listen when I want to rant, and someone to tell me ‘all is well’ even when it’s not. I have learnt to believe it because I have also learnt that it works. And my life, the turbulence in it, all of it settles down with you around. 

Just wanted to tell you this:) and that I will always love you mom!

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  1. Reading all the entries again was an emotional experience. Each one is so different yet the essence is same. Congratulations dear winners.

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