We Belong To The Earth

The revolving Earth spoke in a somber voice;

Its resources are diminishing, lost are its joys.

The trees could do so much for you and me,

If only we stop our chopping spree.

Our land, water, and air are getting polluted,

In the name of technology – a logic convoluted.

Somewhere, my fellow friends are wearing industry blinkers,

Instead of hearing the birds & rushing rivers.

We will know when the last tree has been cut down;

When birds become just a distant memory leaving us forlorn.

We will know when the last river is poisoned;

And the last glacier has melted, robbing the nature of its diamond.

We will know only when the last fish has been caught,

When all the oceans full of plastic are distraught.

Only then will we realize that we cannot breathe money;

It will be too late then to bring back the lush greenery.

Mother Earth has given us all that we need,

But we are losing it bit by bit to our selfishness and greed.

Look ahead and what do you see?

No trees, no flowers, not even a bee!

Let us work together to make the future bright and full of glee.

Let’s all pledge together on Earth 61 to stand in a race to react.

Renewable energy provides sustainability,

that ensures the planets’ synergy.

Come let’s together save power

By turning lights off for just an hour.

United we stand, in unison we fight,

Because the Earth doesn’t belong to us, we belong to the Earth.    

// This poem has been penned by 10-year-old Srikar Chitta and has been chosen for publishing on our platform on the occasion of World Earth Day 2021 //

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