The Adventure

We ambled through the forest,

Footsteps quiet as the night;

Shadows haunted the scenery,

As we waited for the light.

Climbed an impossible cliff,

Carrying the fear of heights;

Hours it took to reach to the top,

But finally, we met the knight.

Made undesirable choices,

Came at hundred crossroads;

Had to leave some behind,

But at the end reached our goals.

As the night came closer,

There was a knock on the door;

It was my dad urging me to sleep,

Snapping me out of the book abode.

// This piece has been penned by 13-year-old Shloka Gupta and has been selected for publishing on our platform from the weekly submissions //

3 thoughts on “The Adventure”

  1. Fantastic poem , it was mysterious, thriller and also a bit funny….
    Amazing use of words and the topic was also awesome….

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