A Place Of My Dreams

Jugg Earth

The place of my dreams would be a planet where only dogs would exist. The dogs in this world lead a regular life. They buy houses; there are buildings, devices and books. The buildings have lifts and the dogs use their paws to press the lift buttons and doorbells. They even use technology responsibly. 

Their currency is Dog Bur and they have a well-functioning Government body as well with dogs in the role of presidents etc. They do not use weapons except knives for useful reasons. Their primary occupation is brewing. Some of the key tourist attractions in Jugg Earth are Dogoshogo Fort K9 and the Tomb of Spark. 

The population is 10,27,364 and the place has a dog hospital vet, medical stores, police stations, restaurants, playgrounds, schools and universities.  They have trash cans every few meters and there is no littering. It is a neat and beautiful place amidst nature. There is absolutely no virus here and not a single dog is a demon or evil. Everyone is good-natured and caring. What’s more, they even have the armed forces for security and protection. There is never a dearth of food and water supplies.  They work hard and party harder with friends and family. 

// This piece has been penned by 9-year-old Anmol Bery as a part of a writing exercise during our regular creative writing classes //

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  1. Imagination is something rare. Not everyone has the capability to imagine the perhaps impossible. You, on the other hand, have written something beautiful. Maybe dogs will never solely inhabit a planet (or maybe they will, who knows?!?) but it was a pleasure reading this article.

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