Common Sense

Imagine a bright and sunny day,

And you are imagining your way;

Now, here comes the disturbance,

Some questions, which make no sense.

Imagine you are a writer,

Getting ideas on a story of time to freeze;

That nosy neighbour sees you near the trees,

Finding a way to disturb you by asking, “Isn’t light wind called breeze?”

Finding the outside life bothersome, you run back to your house;

Escaping from the people and silliness, like a poor, little mouse.

On the way, you find your friend asking a thought that can change your thinking lens;

I say, “Thoughts are always good; your question makes no sense.”

Everybody says, I have common sense,

But I say, “I don’t know whether I will be able to complete my story in the future tense”.

“I sometimes lack common sense”, is usually admitted by only a few,

But the most annoying question of all is, “Hope I did not disturb you.”

// This poem has been penned by 13-year-old Anushka Saxena and has been selected for publishing on our platform from the reader submissions //

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