Babloo And His Escapades

Babloo was lost but at the same time he was not lost. How?

Once upon a time, there was a 1500 light years distant planet from Earth named Depwoceus. In that planet, there were about 1600 countries and one of them was Ebarcasluat. That planet was 5 times bigger than the Sun and there lived only robots. In the city Sergyuij, there lived Haurces. Just like on Earth people are from different communities like Hindus and Muslims, in the same way, only on Depwoceus, the robots belonged to either Haurces or Liaoms. Everybody lived together happily. DE268 robot was just made and his parents named him Regeoved. His brother DE244 nicknamed Babloo was very happy.

DE244 was hit by lightning during his birth because of the impact of which he became very intelligent and was called “Babloo”. He was a genius and had a sharp mind, but he used his gifts for pranks. When Babloo was 8 years old, he tried to scare his friend Daoyurb on the footpath. His friend got scared and fell aside on the road. The driver of the truck, which was having a very large quantity of explosive bombs, turned his truck. Automatically, the timer of the bomb started ticking resulting in a big, explosive blast. On seeing this, the robots of that planet panicked and rushed. Because of him all the robots had to leave their favourite planet. Depvoceas and they settled on their neighbouring planet Depwoceus.

Present Day

Babloo took his new born brother, Regeoved, home from the Robot hospital. When he was playing with his brother, Babloo broke his father’s favourite vase by mistake and his mother saw this. She chided him saying that now not only him but everyone is going to be in trouble due to his mistake as the planet would blast again.

Suddenly, Babloo saw himself in a different place and there was nobody whom he knew. He again saw himself in a different place and again he didn’t know anyone. This happened with him many times. Then he heard a voice in the background saying, “Will you break anything again? The thing that you broke was actually a place traveler.”

Babloo thought that God was saying this. Babloo quickly replied, “No, I will not do anything like that again.” God said that he could stop this if he would use his good qualities in a constructive way for doing positive things. Babloo immediately agreed and requested God to stop it. Suddenly, everything was back to normal and his father said that it was just a prank and he did not do anything wrong again. Babloo realized that everything was just a hologram and from that day onward, he used his smartness and intelligence for doing good things.

Now, have you understood how Babloo was lost and found? Babloo was lost when he used his gifts for pranks and he was found when he understood that his pranks caused many problems and he should use his gifts for doing good to others.

// This piece has been penned by 10-year-old Swastik Jain as a part of the story writing challenge given to kids during “Pack a punch with words” workshop on Innovation Shuttle //

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