Book Review – The Tale Of Makkhilal

Would you have ever thought that an intriguing, thought-provoking tale could be told by using a ‘fly’ as a key character? Katha India’s recent offering “The Tale of Makkhilal” authored by Geeta Dharmarajan is set in the land of Makkhipuri. A fly named Makkhilal was the God for all the inhabitants of this unique land.

Makkhilal was worshipped by the people and they left their food in open for Makkhilal to devour. Not just this but they even allowed flies to sit on babies! They said, ” Our Flying God is so kind” and also gave sweets to Makkhilal. One day, the children who lived in Makkhipuri started falling sick and dying. No one could understand the reason behind why this was happening. Then came a Doctor Sahiba who tried to help the people there. Does the doctor succeed in helping them? Do people of Makkhipuri learn their lessons? The book answers all this and more in an entertaining manner.

The artwork by Charbak Dipta is absolutely brilliant and adds to the appeal of the book. The narration style of the author is engaging, witty and  interesting. I loved how multiple important messages about life are conveyed without being preachy, most important one being about choosing our role models wisely. This book is an apt read for kids aged 5-9 years, though if you ask me anyone would enjoy it irrespective of age. I give it a double thumbs up!

You can purchase the book here.

// This book review has been penned by our 11-year-old student Arnav Mahajan as a part of our association with Katha India. Do check out the brilliant collection of Katha Books here. //

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