11 Tips for Writing a ‘Tips’ Article

In school these days, all of us have been learning different types of texts, and ‘tips’ articles are one of them. It can get confusing (I have first-hand experience), so I decided to write something to aid all of you.

1. Be Conversational

Use direct address with your reader. You don’t want your reader to feel left out or ignored in any way. They will feel encompassed in your words.

2. Maintain a Semi-Formal Tone

Have the perfect semi-formal tone to appeal to all audiences. A formal register frightens away adolescents, and a casual one might not resonate with more mature individuals.

3. Provide Contextual Introductions

Your introduction needs to explain the background of this article. Mention who you are. Not meaning to digress from the topic, but in whatever kind of text you are writing, you must hook your audience from the start.

4. Use Catchy Lines

Utilize different persuasive techniques, such as lists of three, repetition, alliteration, assonance, simile, metaphors, etc.

5. Utilize Subheadings

These act as milestones, which will help organize the text and allow your reader to understand the context of the coming paragraph.

6. Be Crisp and Clear

Ensure the text is lucid so anyone can understand the contents easily.

7. Incorporate Personal Anecdotes

These allow your reader to trust you, thus building a nice rapport. You can use inclusive pronouns to help them relate.

8. Craft a Treaty Title

Your title needs to include the number of tips you will be providing, the intended readers, the theme, and something catchy to attract them.

9. Utilize Small Lines, Big World

Be concise. Try to use fewer words – you are not drafting a novel! Try to use fewer words…

10. Vary Sentence Structures

Make sure you use all sorts of sentences, like complex, compound, simple, minor, complex-compound, and such.

11. Conclude Powerfully

Ensure you have a powerful, summarizing, yet encouraging conclusion. This ensures your readers remember you (hopefully you’ll remember me!)

Look at this text and try searching for all these features here – a perfect ‘tips’ article is only moments away!

Author: Neil Kabra, 13 years old from Hyderabad

3 thoughts on “11 Tips for Writing a ‘Tips’ Article”

  1. Wow, that was an amazing set of tips from a 13 year old . It really impressed me and even inspired me to learn from the same and even write something accordingly. Very well written once again .

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