The Propagators of Knowledge

A teacher is our mentor

To her, children are front and centre

Full of compassion and hope

Assures us that we all have scope,

Looks at us with eyes full of adore.

May it be periodic tables or memorizing history dates

She perfects us during debates,

She turns mediocre into an ace

A teacher is our foundation and our base,

She is the bonding glue between classmates.

During gloomy days, a ray of sunshine,

Stern while teaching numbers one to nine

She knows how to bring smiles, 

And makes every day worthwhile

As we walk down in a single line.

She teaches us with such grace, 

And helps us grow, 

Both smart and brave

Makes every moment fun,

Almost everytime…

She throws her heart and soul into teaching, 

But we still keep yelling and screeching

Do we value her hard work and dedication?

Are we worthy of her admiration?

No, all we care about is fun and leisure

But don’t realize that knowledge is a box of treasure,

Which a teacher opens with her teaching. 

So, this Teacher’s Day our gratitude we convey, 

With knowledge’s light, she paves the way,

The lessons she teaches,

The stories she shares, 

Her impact on us is beyond compare.

You tell us, we forget

You teach us, we remember

We involve ourselves,

We understand, 

We are thankful to you forever and ever. 

HAPPY TEACHER’S DAY to all my lovely teachers!

Written  By – Paulomi Babre, 12 years old

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