The Gurus For Life

Not all teachers are found in schools,
I am highly obliged for all I have learned from you!
The knowledge you gave me is forever a jewel,
I owe you something as great too!

One always holding creative workshops,
Or shall I say, ‘just-be-myself’ classes!
Who always pushes us to the tip-top!
And cheers on as our strength advances. {Anupama ma’am}

One who is more of a best friend
than a ‘Complete your work!!!’ educator,
Who knows where my highs end,
And where my lows start.   {Candice ma’am}

The one who knows all my secrets,
Nevertheless, how good or bad they might be!
But has an unending stash of chocs and biscuits!
Quite the best, isn’t she?  {Disha ma’am}

And my fav, my soul mother,
Who is always there when I need her,
Her lessons aren’t lessons at all,
But are dreams to become a new me!!!  {Lizelle ma’am}

My Gurus are the best!
Regardless of what people say,
To have such mentors, I am blessed…
It’s incredible, and grateful to have someone,
Who is always there to show you the right way!

Written  By – Prisha Ambi, 11 years old

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