God’s Favourite Messenger

Once there was a  poor girl waiting for a train in the station. When the train came, she got into it. Sometime later, Johnson, a passenger found something fishy with the girl.

He checked and found the girl near the washroom, and also heard a whisper of her evil laughter. When he looked at the  mirror, it was foggy, and he couldn’t see her face. The girl was laying her head down. She had a red light coming from her eyes which spooked Johnson. At another time, the girl wasn’t sleeping. Instead, she was chanting something. He found out that the girl was a ghost. 

Johnson was very smart, and courageous.  He thought that if she came to know that he had found out about her, she would do something unpredictable. So he thought more and came up with an idea. He opened his bag and tore pages, and wrote: “This little girl is a ghost, don’t go near her” and gave it to each of the passengers. 

Now everyone was aware that the girl was a ghost. They all were scared but were quiet. Suddenly a lightning bolt struck Johnson’s body from nowhere and he got magical powers. He heard a voice – “Hi, I am Santa. I am giving you the magical powers to defeat the ghost”. Johnson was brave and used his magical powers to defeat the ghost. 

Then the passengers thanked Johnson for saving them from the ghost. Everyone was happy and went home safely. They all remembered Johnson for saving their lives. News about the ghost and Johnson spread all over the world. In some places, he was known as “God’s favourite messenger”.

// This fictional story has been penned by 9-year-old Harsha Ilamurugu and was chosen among the top finalists at the Read Your Story event organized by Beyond Academix. //

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