How creative writing helped in my personal growth

Writing. It has been here since, well, forever and is perhaps one of the most underrated art forms in the world. Think about it. Your daily newspaper is written, books are written, your favourite songs have lyrics which are written, laws and rules are written. It is perhaps an art which governs the whole world.

My personal journey with writing started at a young age here at Beyond The Box with mentoring from Anupama ma’am. It opened my eyes and mind to the world and changed my perspective about how I look at things. Now that I am learning this art, I truly realise how fascinating it is. It lets you express yourself and imagine in a way you never thought was possible. But if you don’t believe me, I am going to take the next few minutes to change your mind.

1. Writing Helps You Clear Your Mind

Our mind is one busy place. With all of our thoughts, it tends to get pretty clumsy in there. Writing can be a medium to just write down all of those thoughts nagging you at the back of your head so you can focus on what really needs to be done. It can help you to remember something that might not be of use now but will certainly be in the future. This way you keep your mind uncluttered and get work done faster.

2. Express Your Emotions

Emotions are a tricky thing and not addressing them can be catastrophic. For example, if you’re especially angry or sad but choose to suppress those emotions, it can lead you to do things you don’t want to. And there are enough movies, shows and books that will support this point. Writing acts as a personal therapist and writing about how you’re feeling will help you acknowledge your emotions, thus playing an important role in making you stay in the green or happy zone.

3. Lets You Keep Track Of Your Ideas

Let’s be real. Not all of your best ideas or thoughts come while you want them to come. Sometimes, they come in places we least expect them to. Also, we don’t always remember these ideas for our next work session. The solution? Write these ideas when they occur to you then and there. Some of the most productive and famous people in the world suggest keeping a small notebook or diary to jot down all thoughts that occur to you. This way, you can use/implement these thoughts when you next need them.

4. Improve Your Written And Spoken Skills

Writing can unintentionally improve your written and spoken skills. No matter what language you write in, it improves your skills of that language in the most organic way. 

5. Keep In Sight Of Your Goals And Dreams

This point is followed by most in a simple activity : New Year Resolution. We keep in sight of our yearly goals and what we want to achieve in that year. This helps you to know what you want and leads to tracking and achieving of your goals. It makes you take active decisions and attaining your goals or completing your tasks gives you a sense of accomplishment.

There are other countless benefits of writing which I could not cover here. But I do hope that I have been successful in putting this charming art under a new light for you. So, keep unboxing the joy of writing!

// This is a commissioned article penned by 13-year-old Shreyas Saboo from Hyderabad. He has shared his personal journey of growth as a writer here with an intention to inspire others based on his learnings. //

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  1. Very clear and concise compilation. Thanks for such an insightful inspiring narrative Shreyas. Best wishes for you.

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