Thank You Teachers

It takes a special person

To teach a child in class

To just keep his attention

In a world that moves so fast

To show a child he is unique

With talents deep inside

To help build his confidence

So he can beam with pride

To show a little patience

For a child who’s lost his way

To a child who feels abandoned

To show him better days

To inspire and to motivate

So a child can learn and grow

To go into this big wide world

That has its highs and lows

You’re the heart of every classroom

The soul of every school

The mind behind the message

That learning is cool.

Your patience and understanding

Can never be old

Your courage and commitment

Is that of legends untold

Each day you teach children

Is a day to rejoice

Because of you we children

Will have our own voice

So, thank you dear teachers

For passing knowledge

Through the years

You thought you were merely teaching

When you were eliminating fears

You are a special person

You always give your best

And for every child you taught

Their life is truly blessed

// This poem has been penned by 11-year-old Tasshvi N Killa studying in The Heritage School, Kolkata. This piece has been featured on our platform on the special occasion of Teacher’s Day 2021. //

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