Gloom And Hope

A sunflower sings this for its beloved lover and caretaker- the sun.

Always has it been a boon for me,
Adjudging the sight of you;
But, time flies; and so do you, at dusk,
Leaving me with, but
Gloom and hope.

I look at you,
As you smile silently,
Looking into my inquisitive eyes,
Ever-questioning, who you were,
I used to think, if you cared,
To tell me who you were, why didn’t you ever dare?

My days are glorious,
For you are a bliss,
Nights – hopeful, though gloomy,
For, there you are not.
Yet, I know dawn awaits me
With your beautiful twinkle,
And the magic in your eyes,
As I still do, I used to think, that you are my vice.

Hours with you are always spent well, for you calm me down,
Soothing me with your presence,
And, making me believe that magic is real,
Even if it didn’t make sense.
Though you are so far away,
Ahead of me by light years,
In the depths of my heart,
I know you reside, melting away all my fears.

I don’t know you, yet I do,
For, you make my living vivid, from so far away,
Draining my gloom and sadness
By the end of the day.
The end of the day,

Is when I lay,
Still hoping that one day, you would come,
And close to me you would stay.

// This poem has been penned by 13-year-old Naisha Mishra from Grade 8, SAI International School, Bhubaneshwar and has been chosen for publication on our platform from the weekly submissions //

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