It was a bright Sunday morning, bustling with the boisterous banter between Sarah and her friends. The children were playing hopscotch by the lake which was close to Sarah’s home. Mrs. Rodrigues was watching them from the kitchen while preparing sandwiches for the children to feast on. Suddenly, there was a loud scream. Mrs.Rodrigues quickly ran to the garden. She saw that Sarah had fallen down in a muddy puddle and got hurt badly. Sarah’s mother picked her up and quickly ran to the hospital. Doctor did the check up and got an X-Ray done. He found that the bones of Sarah’s ankles had broken into number of pieces.

Doctor told Mrs. Rodrigues that it is difficult to heal Sarah’s fracture. Sarah heard this and broke down into tears along with her mother. Doctor admitted Sarah in the hospital for three days to heal her other wounds. The same night, when Sarah was sleeping, a fairy Godmother came and whispered in Sarah’s ears. Sarah was shocked.  The fairy said that “I am a fairy and I have come to heal you, my dear princess, with my magical medicine”.

And then the fairy gave Sarah two special tablets. The next morning Sarah was feeling better, so the doctor discharged her. When Sarah was walking back to her home, she met the fairy again and they both became friends forever.

//This story has been submitted by Reya Jain, aged 7, from Hyderabad. This entry has won 2nd prize in the first contest conducted as a part of the BTB “Children’s Corner” initiative. Children were given a prompt of few lines and they had to continue the story with their own interpretation.//

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