It was a bright Sunday morning, bustling with the boisterous banter between Sarah and her friends. The children were playing hopscotch by the lake which was close to Sarah’s home. Mrs. Rodrigues was watching them from the kitchen while preparing sandwiches for the children to feast on. Suddenly, there was a loud scream. Children were screaming because they saw a U.F.O landing near the lake. After some time, they saw an alien coming out of the U.F.O. When the alien came out, the U.F.O flew in the sky. The alien stared at Sarah and her friends. They got scared and ran towards Sarah’s house.

Mrs. Rodrigues asked Sarah why she was screaming. When she heard Sarah’s story, she started laughing. She told them that aliens do not exist. Sarah and her friends asked Mrs. Rodrigues to come outside and see the alien by herself. When they came out, the alien had disappeared. Next day when Sarah and her friends went for a walk, they realized that somebody was chasing them. When they turned around, they saw the alien. Sarah and her friends ran away again. When they were running, they saw an old house. They knocked the door of the house and an old lady opened the door. She gave them food to eat.

While the children were discussing the incident, they noticed a mirror beside them. In the mirror, the lady was looking like an alien. They got scared and again ran towards Sarah’s home. They never went to that house again.

//This story has been submitted by Arnav Mahajan, aged 8, from Hyderabad. This is the winning entry in the first contest conducted as a part of BTB “Children’s Corner” initiative. Children were given a prompt of few lines and they had to continue the story with their own interpretation.//

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